Peace on Earth Therapy

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Chakra Aura Spray


These beautiful 10ml sprays contain crystal charged blends with essential oils to help balance the energies of each chakra. They are designed to be sprayed into the air and gently enjoy their aroma.

Space Cleansing The perfect blend for refreshing your space, clearing away negative or heavy energy ready to start afresh. With traditionally used oils like  sage you can have their cleansing effects at times when burning the herbs would not be appropriate. A refreshing top note of spearmint enlivens the mind helping with focus.

Crown Affirmation:   I am Divine
And the fragrance is just that.  A heady, heavenly aroma of Patchouli, Frankincense, Neroli and Sweet Orange.  Charged with mind calming, spiritually connecting amethyst.  This blend and mantra support us in connecting with the divine within us, the divine above us, the divine we are apart of.

Brow Affirmation:  I am Wise
A magically mixed blend of Lavender Sage, Sage and Frankincense.  This heady, relaxing aroma helps you to journey inwards, calming the mind and encouraging trust in your own intuition and wisdom.
On days where your mind is racing yet you still need to connect with a calm rational thought process or the days when you need to switch off and meditate try this little ritual, simple but incredibly powerful.

Throat Affirmation:  I am Truth
Ommmm, resonatiting at the perfect vibration we are beautiful communicators, hearing and speaking our truths with ease.  At times when we need a little support try using this spray in your aura, it is charged with Angelite crystlas and you may choose to invite in angelic guidance.
This clean blend of Lemongrass, Thyme and Star Anise has an aroma of childhood cough sweets, perfect for supporting the voice, confidence and expression.  Great to use before difficult conversations, presentations and asking for what you want and deserve.

Heart Affirmation: I am Love
For times when you need a huge hug from yourself.  A nurturing kindness in a mist with exquisite Rose, joyful May Chang and balancing Geranium Bourbon.
You deserve the best and the mantra I am love is set to instill a feeling of acceptance and unconditional love for oneself.
Charged with the precious Rhodochrosite gemstone.

Solar Plexus Affirmation:  I am Empowered
This zingy blend helps with self esteem and self power.
Cheerful, motivating oils of Rosewood, Grapefuit and Bergamot are blended and then charged with Golden Healer and Yellow Flourite.  
Perfect when you need a lift and a boost to self confidence.

Sacral Affirmation:  I am Joyful
This is the energy for creativity, fertility, fluidity, pleasure and digestion.  When the energy is out of sorts digestive complaints arise, mentrsual problems, a lack of creative ideas, sexual dysfunction, a lack of gratitude and pleasure in life.
Essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Ginger and Orange have been selected for their love, digestion and fluidity and magically charged with Carnelian.

Root Affirmation: I am warrior.
This one is super grounding, a beautiful smokey, spicy aroma from the blend of essential oils. Perfect for when you need to reconnect with Mother Earth and find your path in life. Ginger is wonderful for warming and improving circulation. Rosewood for mood enhancing and grounding. Vetivert and valerian create an earthy natural aroma and calm anxiety. The mantra 'I am warrior' was selected to reflect the strong, driven, purposeful nature of a balanced root chakra.