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I offer any combination of treatments so that you can get the best from your treatment time. Please feel free to discuss what you would like to gain from your session and I will advise you accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you, Sally.

Treatment List



Thai Foot Massage

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Peace on Earth facial ritual

The treatment begins by relaxing on the treatment couch, snuggled under a blanket, the aura is misted with the cleansing mist with sage, thyme and spearmint oils, a crystal layout is then placed on the body, next the face is nurtured with a cleansing using orange flower water then onto the main event a rejuvenating facial massage encorporating techniques from acupressure, lymphatic drainage and specific lifting techniques using crystals. A deeply relaxing restorative hours session which will leave your face visibly brighter and rejuvenated.


Indonesian massage

An amazing treatment inspired by the beautiful massage methods and oils used on many of the Indonesian islands. The treatment journey begins with an exotically fragrant foot bath and scrub before you are treated to a tension releasing body and head massage using firm pressure pointing techniques to whisk away stress and encourage total relaxation through your whole body and instilling positive feelings


Lomilomi Massage

This treatment draws on techniques used in traditional Hawaiian medicine. It provides a deep pressure massage and passive stretches leaving you feeling invigorated. Ideal for those who enjoy a deep tissue body massage.



This wonderfully relaxing treatment allows your mind and body to bring themselves back into balance and harmony. Hands are placed lightly on the head and body allowing healing energy to be absorbed by the recipient


Hot Stone Massage

A total journey of relaxation. Oils are blended with essential oils to nourish the skin.  Heated basalt stones are used to massage the body, warming tired muscles and lifting fatigue. Stones are placed on the chakra points to bring about an overall sense of well being and a cocooned warmth. A beautiful head to toe indulgence.


Crystal therapy

This treatment never ceases to amaze me. Crystals are chosen for their energetic resonance. They are placed on and around the body and allowed to do their thing. The session can very quickly induce a deep state of relaxation and similar experiences to deep meditation. This is a perfect state for the mind and body to bring itself back into balance.



A traditional aromatherapy treatment is light, soothing and blissfully scented. Time is taken to select the perfect synergy of oils to suit you, be they for pain relief, lethargy, stress etc, all you have to do then is relax and enjoy your prescription blended body massage.



The technique of fire cupping is taken from traditional chinese medicine. The glass jar is heated and then placed onto the skin where the vacum created causes a suction to occur. This drawing up of the skin and tissue assists the body by encouraging circulation of the blood and having a positive effect on stagnant energy (chi). The technique is said to be excellent for colds, aching muscles, low energy.


 Anmo Fu

An abdominal massage technique based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The massage aims to bring the bodies vital organs into balance. It also encourages the ileocaecal valve to opperate correctly and this in turn can have dramatic effects on IBS, tiredness, headaches, bloating etc. when the digestive system is in balance the whole body benefits fom the correct absorption of nutrients.

Anmo fu may also help with PMT, fertility issues and menstrual cramps.



After an aromatic foot soak the feet are treated to a deeply moisturising balm which allows for the free flowing massage like movements and reflex pressures required for this treatment. Each area of the foot is believed to relate to a physical area of the body and by stimulating the reflex points and nerve endings we can send messages to the body to promote self healing. Reflexology is very relaxing and a wonderful treatment to keep you on form.

Pedicure Ritual * Body Massage * Indian Head Massage



                  45 minutes £33 * 60 minutes £38 *  90 minutes £48 *  120 minutes £58


Updated appointment availability and booking




My practise is based in Ockbrook, Derby. Directions and address given when booking is confirmed.


Please note initial treatment bookings may receive a call to confirm and are for female clients or referals only.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss the suitability of any treatments. Should you have any medical conditions please make me aware of these at the time of booking, this way we can ensure we have just the right treatment booked for you.



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